My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

The Energy of Money

“Food, shelter, happiness and love are the necessities of a healthy life. But oddly, money is what most wish for. What would happen if we wished directly for what we want?”

Great question! We are very much a society that feels we should “see” something to believe it, aren’t we? When we have money, we surely must have everything. We wear it like a badge of honor. This makes me remember the old saying, “Whoever has the most toys wins.”

Through the centuries, we gradually forgot our inner world and nurtured only the physical aspects of ourselves. The ones we can see, feel, and touch. Almost as if we were masking our true identity with “stuff.” The paper became important because we made it so. Since we all needed to be alike, we “perfected” our lives with it.

Now we are seeing the crack in all of this, aren’t we? It’s now a chasm and many are falling in… or hanging on and slowly redefining their lives. We absolutely can wish directly for what we want. Many speakers, books and movies are showing us this. Not to mention that many are hearing it themselves, but dismissing any inner wisdom as “phooey.”

Remember that there is no coincidence. We truly are on a guided journey, but some are simply too engrossed with fear to know what they are capable of doing with thought and desire.

However, let’s not make money the evil here, for it is truly not the culprit. The culprit is losing our way and now coming back to the basics that you speak of: food, shelter, happiness, and love. It reminds me of throwing a bucket of cold water on someone who is in a stupor to wake them up and clear their head! We all could use a little of that cold water over us now, couldn’t we?

– Becky