My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

More Soulish Stuff

My intuitive readings are deep, insightful exchanges if you are open and curious to ask, listen, and share this magic together during your session.

Together we will use our innermost and higher guidance to unlock what you already know on a soul level. We’ll work on clearing the cobwebs as you begin to explore your life with renewed clarity.

Our intuitive self is an amazing, divine gift which is absolutely truthful, always available, and often overlooked in everyday life. I want you to leave knowing that and also find that your vibration was kicked up a notch.

Reaching out, soul by soul is how we create a more peaceful life. It is my wish that the melding of my psychic skills and yours will help you find the answers that have confused or eluded you thus far in your life. I promise to honor you no matter where you are on this journey.

My intention will always be to enthusiastically but gently help you know yourself and raise your vibration to one of joy.

Every soul journey is like mile markers along the highway. There are stories with pictures in between those markers and I will work with you to help you see those pictures with loving guidance, respect, openness and yes, some help from the great beyond.

Questions and conversation is encouraged along with the tools I might use in addition to my psychic self, like cards, astrology, numerology and any other gifts the universe offers in the moment. You just need to be open and trust the process.