My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Finding the Right Partner

“What can I do to find the right guy? What am I doing that I keep attracting the wrong people into my life?”

What I see is that you don’t feel good enough about yourself. You are settling for the exact picture of what you don’t want. You’ve been attracting partners with attitude, problems, and lots of excess baggage.

Somewhere along your journey, you have come to believe that you are not deserving of that special companion because you feel you have been given too much already. When you focus on what you think you deserve, you ultimately bring that into your consciousness.

You’ve grown in your work and your ability to care for others, but when it comes to your perceptions about yourself, you sell yourself short. You’ve had times when you knew that something wasn’t working, right from the get-go. Yet you talked yourself into another bad relationship instead of heeding the warning signals you received.

Start by looking inside. Look to your soul self and your inner wisdom and beauty. Your thinking has been that you will never find Mr. Right. You’ve even verbalized this to your friends! Stop that, and shift your vibration to one of “knowing” that the perfect person for you is here now. Visualize everything about him, or better yet, write it down. Let go of the part of yourself that is being used and give it to the Universe. In return, ask for the help you need to bring in your new vision.

Today is the day you can stop this same old song and begin a new chapter!

– Becky