My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Animal Friends

“Becky, I am wondering about my cat. She’s an outdoor cat, wild, but very tame with me. I have to take her for a hysterectomy because my apartment complex will dispose of any non-nuetered cats on the premises. She trusts me and loves me. I cannot bear to think about the fear she will have when I trick her into a cage. But if she has kittens, they will dispose of them and her, too.”

Your cat is sitting still, licking her paws, feeling the contentedness of your guidance. She is tired, a bit stressed and longing for you to help her now.

She does not want more babies, and it isn’t particularly good for them either at this point. She is very wise. She found you (not the other way around), and she is hanging around to seek shelter and solutions.

I can’t tell if she is pregnant again. I see her as if she is, but I can’t decipher whether it is real or if I am being shown the worn out part of her, the picture that she is not wanting to imitate.

Make your appointment with the vet. They will take a look and give you, and her, the options. She is your cat now coming to you when she needs you the most. She wants a little adventure now and a soft bed and heart at home.

In Spirit and Appreciation,
– Becky