My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Changing Time – The Age of Aquarius

Syrian refugees, terrorists, internet hacks, stock market shifts, storms, global warming, children being exploited, women striving for educational and personal freedom, the face and farce of politics. This is just a small list… And on the opposite side~Europe opening its collective heart to take in refugees, Malala changes the world with her courageous strength and Pope Francis shows the world compassion with honest goodness, love and spirituality, not division; social media spreads not only the news, but good deeds worldwide. Depending on what you focus on in your network feeds, any news you take in or what you pay attention to the most can affect you vibrationally. The seeds blow all over the place don’t they? Yep, changing times. Are you complaining, agitated, overwhelmed, prone to outbursts, or are  you  observing the ripeness of the moments, seeing the light and expectation of new beginnings? So what does this have to do with The Age of Aquarius? Well, if you can’t see and feel the upheaval and change then I trust you are holed up in some back office somewhere with no outside influence at all. The Age of Aquarius has been talked about for years. And coincidentally the time we are in now and during a period in the 60’s and 70’s indicate the planetary aspects then and now are similar if not the same. Remember–love and peace, freedom for all, you’re not the only one? We knew it as a movement and turns out it wasn’t just a phase. By the way, I am not an astrologer by any means but


I love the word unraveling. I feel the power of this word in the work I do as an intuitive guide and medium. I pull the thread to help the knots unravel and let the light in. To regain our authentic selves, we must “unravel” and follow our bliss, leaving behind the tangled threads that don’t fit into our earthly tapestry. Usually we think of difficult moments in negative terms. We believe we are falling or coming apart at the seams when in truth we are just unraveling. The parts of our lives that need to be seen are opening so we may fully know our joy. When you think you feel chaos, unhappiness at losing the thread, and vulnerability, you might be on to a key moment. An opening. A gift. Your questions about your life, relationships, work, health or any number of things that concern you are asking you to unravel. Sometimes it can take a while to see the big picture. But peering into the core of our existence is always wise and on task. We are here to open ourselves to all aspects of joy and power in each moment, but we lose these when we ignore our heart–the soul of our decisions. To regain our authentic selves, we must “unravel” and follow our bliss, leaving behind the tangled threads that don’t fit into our earthly tapestry. What most call “trouble” is a valuable gift of Spirit. Embrace your trouble. Picture yourself inside a ball of golden thread which has become entangled.

You Know

You’ve got to love the messes.They really open our eyes and make us take a good, long look don’t they? I’ve had my share and know all about the journey through the mess. The biggest part of the problem is feeling and hearing that we are headed towards the mess, but jumping right in anyway. What’s even funnier is saying I’ll never do that again. This is the part where I’m shaking my head and laughing because we have a tendency to repeat past problems. You know the routine, don’t you? Which begs me to remind you that we have an internal compass. An inner voice. A higher control panel alerting us to roadblocks ahead. The trouble is knowing what that nagging feeling is and understanding the wealth of information it carries every minute of every day. You won’t hear it if you are stubborn. You won’t see it if you don’t open your eyes and you won’t feel it if you aren’t quiet enough to still the noise in your life. But I think you get the picture and I know you know what I mean. We all know how our bodies tell us when we are in the magical pull of joy. You’ve felt the sinking feeling you have when you go into work each day with dread for the day ahead more often than not. You know how you ignore the anger and negativity in a relationship and always think it will go away or it must be something you’ve

Animal Friends

“Becky, I am wondering about my cat. She’s an outdoor cat, wild, but very tame with me. I have to take her for a hysterectomy because my apartment complex will dispose of any non-nuetered cats on the premises. She trusts me and loves me. I cannot bear to think about the fear she will have when I trick her into a cage. But if she has kittens, they will dispose of them and her, too.” Your cat is sitting still, licking her paws, feeling the contentedness of your guidance. She is tired, a bit stressed and longing for you to help her now.


There is a hazy mist over the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin and I am pulled out of my thoughts to see its magnificence. I quickly realize that I have made time for this vantage point, this morning, this day, and it is a meditation to stop my thoughts long enough to see this beauty. The view is from my car window because it’s 6:30 am and I am driving to my yoga class forty miles away in Illinois. My quick burst up the road and into class is a memory and the ever-present reality of my current situation seems to loom hugely, like an elephant in the room that I inconveniently bump into every time I try to do something.

Gumby Transitions

I’m writing from a vantage point far from my usual position of repose. It’s a time of reflection, and yet a bit of silent screaming is finding a way into the crevices of a glued-together outer shell. Ouch, that doesn’t feel very good. Transitions can stretch us until we feel almost broken as we pretend to shake our leg free from the grip of something we can’t quite put words around. But even when facing the pain of a situation, a jovial thought can sneak in that shows us our ability to handle anything. My thought at the time of this writing just happened to be Gumby in all his green, rubbery glory. Gumby has one leg pinched and stretched too far to be comfortable. Not good. But then a slow smile crept onto my face as I remembered that I can bend him, pull him into shape and smooth out his distress.

Calling Home: A Prayer

The day is sleepy and quietly nearing the moment of rolling into a new beginning. I call you to sit with me this evening and into the night. I am asking you to guide me to the deepest part of myself. The brave part. The all knowing, secure, always present part. I have walked through another day with every bit of moxie I can muster. Keeping myself afloat. Moving through this change with a smile, and a nod towards better days ahead. My arms are outstretched; I am balancing on an imaginary tightrope. I am not afraid.

It Is Your Everything

Not everything is going to go according to plan. The tiniest span of time can ease our day or add considerably more hours of any number of things we didn’t expect. We might have to dig deep to see some light… so surprise yourself and dig away. The easy stuff opens us to positive possibilities and often puts a spring in our step. But when we’re thrown off in a direction we hadn’t intended, it can add chaos and put our attitude in the dumpster. This is when we can count on the present moment… now. “It’s all in how you look at it,” we’ve heard countless times.