My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

How to find peace and quiet in everyday life

“I live in one of the busiest and noisiest places in the world, New York City. Some nights I have difficulty sleeping due to outside distractions. How and where can I find peace and quiet in my everyday life?”

We all have moments when it is difficult to surrender our repetitive thoughts and let go of the difficult aspects of our day. This is usually a reminder to breathe, be still, and come fully into the present. Mindful breathing is crucial to your higher self. It is the one thing you can do to become more present with any distraction in your life, whether on the street, in the office, or late at night when you are restless. So breathe deeply and consciously whenever you can!

Think about the times when you were walking along in a busy spot, and totally lost yourself for a moment and forgot all that was happening around you. We often laugh at these moments—as if we were daydreaming or not paying attention—but in truth these are special times of going within and finding complete calm. Always know you can get to that perfect space from wherever you are. Just let go of the thinking that all the noise around you is “too distracting”. Tell yourself instead that you are joyful and present, and that circling you is beautiful peace and tranquility.

Life is a series of rituals. Create for yourself a bedtime ritual with soft music, a warm bath, a cup of soothing tea. Let go the day’s issues with some bath salts to clear your energy field, and maybe a bit of soothing lavender essential oil. Dab the oil on a cotton ball and place it nearby so you can enjoy its fragrance and calming benefits.

While it seems that everyone in the world is rushing around you and holding their breath, you can breath into your life all the joy and beauty of the moment. Wherever you find yourself…you can also find your peace.

– Becky