My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Slow Down!

I notice many people with a phone attached to their ear as they are walking down the street.

Cell phone usage in stores, on mass transit, in cars, and many people who keep their blackberry on, even when they sleep, are all indicators that we are definitely losing the big picture. I often see the same woman walking for exercise, and every time she is talking on her phone. Children of all ages are sending text messages all day long and playing on the computer a good portion of the evening.

I happen to like my cell phone. When I am waiting for an important call I can be available, or when someone in my family is running late or has a change of plans it is a great convenience. However, more often than not when I am out, I leave my phone in the car. That way I can be fully present for what I intended to do in the first place.

Practice conscious breathing as you sit at a traffic light,
walk down the hall, wait for the bus, or ride the elevator.

Clients come to me for answers and their biggest complaint is that there isn’t enough time in the day. They feel rushed, unhappy and can’t seem to find what they are searching for in the “grand scheme of things.” Remember that phrase? They want something more but just don’t have the time to figure it out. They want out of the “day to day grind.” This is another catchy phrase isn’t it? There are so many of us looking elsewhere for our happiness and comfort instead of turning inside.

Here’s a tip.
Start out by finding five minutes a day to just sit. Breathe. Feel the rhythmic flow as you inhale and exhale. Turn off the phone and television, step away from your desk, and ask that you be left alone for a short time. Maybe you won’t even have to leave your desk. Just find a quiet spot and breathe. Be creative, you can find a spot! Let your thoughts go. As you start to think, acknowledge it as ah, yes, I am thinking again, and then move back to your breath. Practice conscious breathing as you sit at a traffic light, walk down the hall, wait for the bus, or ride the elevator.

For those of you who consider this a challenge and can’t possibly find the time, I say—and so it is. But those who are ready for that something they can’t quite put their finger on, (like peace, serenity, well being and the answers to their questions) will with practice, experience a shift. That shift is the beginning of your consciousness, your true and beautiful self, the innermost perfect being that you are meant to be each and every day. Stop long enough every chance you get, to just be, without yesterday’s problems or tomorrow’s worries getting in the way. I know you will love this new level of awareness.

Let this be your beginning!