My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Put it Out There

My husband and I recently brought a new dog into our lives from a local shelter. We weren’t really too serious about adopting a dog, but we went out a couple of times to investigate. It was a tough decision because we had become used to our freedom: what happens if we get a really tough dog to handle, or if we have issues with training and adapting?

I called on all of our past dogs for help in the matter: “Please help us find a good dog, preferably small, no shedding, and obedient. When the time is right, let us know.” Little did I know that soon after I put out the request we would find our dog!

First we found an older dog that was fully trained. He was very big and furry, but a dog we could help with some quality time at the end of his days. However, the day that we were going to have a look I listened to my intuition and felt that calling the shelter first would be wise. Good guidance. He had already been adopted so the call saved us the time and trip.

I told my husband the news: sadly, this wasn’t the time. He suggested we go out anyway to have another look. We both figured we could meet some other dogs, but we didn’t want to make any hasty decisions.

So off we went to find a shelter we had tried to locate once before at the end of a long day with no directions. This time we found it, and then we found our dog!

When it’s time for something new, put it out there. Be specific, be clear, and believe.

Kenzie was the only dog in the book that we asked to look at, and the only one we saw. We were both quiet, but something was pulling us to this dog. Sweet, quiet, well mannered, not too small but definitely a shedder!

With Kenzie came a huge commitment, as she was incredibly sick with bacterial pneumonia. The shelter didn’t know yet because they had her for only a week and she had been transported some distance. When we took her home, we discovered how sick Kenzie was within the first 24 hours. No wonder she was so quiet! Even with our seriously limited funds, we just knew that we had to help.

We could not leave Kenzie nor take her back. She almost didn’t live, but now she’s thriving, rambunctious, interested, and smart! and there is hair EVERYWHERE. Normally I would have allergy reactions, but I asked for some help with this, too. We are all adapting, and we think she is pretty darn happy.

We thank our past dogs Dugen, Dixie, Piper and Mandy for their help in bringing us this new bundle of enthusiasm! (Even though the fur is flying). We thank them for this good dog, so smart and loving. Kenzie is a lot of work, but because of her, I am walking more than 10 miles each week. Because of her, I can go out in the early morning and be connected to nature. Because of her, my husband can be the “dog whisperer” once again. And now my husband and I have something new to talk about, laugh about, and we are reminded that reaching out heals the heart.

So put it out there.
Be specific, be positive, be clear, and believe. It may take time, but it will come. Remember that if we put it out there and add in our negative stuff, it just doesn’t seem to materialize the way we want. Feel-good emotion allows the Law of Attraction to do its work!