My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Sparking Change in a Relationship

“What is the best way to spark changes in a relationship, be it a marriage, friendship, or parent/child?”

The very best way is to “see” the change. Pivot your viewpoint and see only joy, love and contentment. View the relationship exactly as you would like it to be—as if it is already happening.

Make a list. What is it you desire? List these desires in a positive way and put the list away. More often than not, we are habitual creators of the very things we don’t want. Flip the switch when you catch yourself doing this and play it out differently as if you are writing your own outcome.

Begin to love others as soul beings, here for just a little while, learning and growing. When we look into people instead of “at” them, we shift our vibration. As our vibration changes, our circumstances change, too. This is the energy field at its best!

Your personal nature is one of joy. You need to remember this and try not to get so wrapped up in anyone else’s stuff. For the most part you stay centered, but every once in a while you slip into a scenario that really isn’t you. Realize this and shift. As you are able to acknowledge the times that get to you and shift to a better feeling, it will become second nature to you. You’ll actually be sparking a change in yourself that will affect everyone around you.

On another note, don’t forget to be still. No radio, television, cell phone, blackberry or anything for a period of time each day. Be present for each task and quit thinking about the myriad other things you have to do! It will all get done in due time. Turn your thinking off. This will spark change and you will be noticeably different to others. When you are more centered, it shows!

– Becky