My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Shift to Positive Energy!

I spend a good deal of time encouraging my clients to “shift.” Since positive energy is so much a part of my speaking and teaching, I feel the means to reach it should be here on my blog. By the way, I do a lot of shifting myself!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a funk for whatever reason: a stressful day, waking up on the wrong side of bed, challenges at work or at home… Admit it—we’re all bombarded with a myriad of difficult situations every day. How we stack them up is a barometer of our feelings at any given time. More importantly, it’s a way to see what else we may be allowing into our energetic field that might be creating a tornado of chaos.

These moments are a great time to acknowledge that we feel out of sorts. They can teach us to reach for a better thought, to invite peace and harmony. We can ask ourselves how these unsettling feelings are serving our greater good.

Find your own way to shift to the positive.
Sometimes a good, deep breath will help, or a change of scenery. A walk outside or even to a different room may do the trick as well. Laughing out loud, singing, or being silly for a few minutes is wonderful medicine. It doesn’t matter how you choose to shift as long as your shift takes you to a positive place emotionally.

You may be called to shift more at various times or under stressful circumstances. It’s hard to control our fear-based selves, but with practice it will become second nature. The outcome is always a wonderful feeling of renewed strength, peace, and contentment. You’ll wonder why you didn’t use this simple technique a long time ago!

When you shift, you expand your energy field to one of joy and allowing, which in turn helps create positive energy.

There are always going to be those who say they can’t shift, or won’t. We all know people who are continually complaining about this “problem” or that “circumstance.” Knowing we have a choice in where we put our attention is a huge reminder that we alone have the power to decide whether we will walk toward the positive or live in conflict.

Once, I “shifted” myself right out of a personal appointment that was already underway! This happened quite recently, and it’s interesting that it happened as I was writing this piece. Of course I carried the guilt mightily for the rest of the day, and the next day asked myself how this guilt was serving me. I truly put the incident behind me. I grew instantly in that moment of recognition, and there was wonderful inner awareness that shifting had brought positive change. I am standing a little taller today because of it.

The bottom line is to love ourselves and honor our own path through this lifetime, no matter how hard it seems and how many times we have to pick ourselves up when we fall. Through it all, we must never think that we have lost our value. Each of us is a beautiful, loved soul.