My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Chance Encounters

Some time ago my daughter was walking near her apartment in New York City and happened upon my first name written on the street in white paint, very graffiti-like.

She took a picture of it and sent it to me in an email without explanation and I was taken aback because it looked rather bizarre in the shimmery cast of the evening light. When I asked her about it later, she laughed and said how strange but fun it was to see it and had she not looked down at that very moment, she would have missed it.

I went to visit her recently. A day or so after I arrived home, we were talking as we often do—me at home, she on her cell phone walking along while finishing errands. All of a sudden, she stopped abruptly and told me it had happened again in a different place. My name was written on the side of a building in shiny, gold paint and she had just happened to notice it again.

Is this a sign of some sort? I think so! The two of us have lots going on in our lives, with her imminent move to the west coast for a new position, and my work progressing nicely with referrals and a full heart as I guide clients along their soul’s journey. We talk quite often and words of wisdom flow both ways in our relationship.
What chance encounter happened to you today, or this last week, or in the last month?
It all boils down to stopping long enough throughout the day to pay attention to the signposts scattered along our path. We become aware of our surroundings, appreciate the solitude of the moment and without even realizing it, expand our awareness to allow the synchronicity of our lives to unfold.

We could ignore these small moments, but we might miss the message. This time it could have been as easy as “listen to your mother.” Or in a broader sense, perhaps she is learning some life lessons by talking to me or following my example.

What chance encounter happened to you today, or this last week, or in the last month? Your personal guidance system can come to you in so many ways. Are you able to recognize the signs so that you pay attention, enhance awareness, and be reflective? These chance encounters are never coincidental because nothing at all happens randomly. There simply is no coincidence. Our intuitive vibration will always bring in what we need, when we need it, but we must still our restless hearts and minds to notice the synchronistic moments that move us along our chosen path.

Her next phone call came in the evening. The movers had come and gone, my daughter’s flight was the following day. She was now officially making the move from one coast to the other with her starting point, Chicago, sitting in between. As she looked down to the sidewalk, there, right before her eyes was I Heart Chicago. A wonderful, synchronistic moment to bring her back to her heart center!

Now as we look back at the past few weeks, we have come into periods of growth and what feels like giant upheaval, each for different reasons, but it all certainly points to the excitement of new possibilities in our lives. We aren’t sure why she was seeing my name and her first city blazoned across her path, but we have had fun sharing the experience, and our changing horizons!