My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith


What are you anticipating this moment, this day, this week, for now and for the future?

Lately I’ve been having a positive, anticipatory feeling wash over me. This funny, happy, goose-bumpy sensation feels incredibly supportive and healing. It seems to encourage me to stay upbeat during some crazy and rather intense personal moments that I am experiencing right now.

I can tell you exactly where I am getting this sensation: right smack in my abdomen—the good old butterflies in the stomach! The feeling comes from two of my main chakra energy centers, the second chakra in the lower abdomen and seat of our creative energy, and the third chakra, the solar plexus region, an area where we honor ourselves and also the area which keeps us true to our course.

The flip side…
As I sit here writing about this wonderful, expectant feeling I have in the midst of a whole lot of personal chaos, I see the flip side. It is quite fascinating to study our energy centers and watch what happens when one or more of them are not vibrationally up to par. Any physical or emotional concern will appear in our energy field first, before manifesting physically as something we recognize as illness or emotional pain. Paying attention to hunches and gut feelings helps us understand ourselves and this energetic stage we perform on every day.

Watch how and what you put out in thought and vibration.

I started to notice how many of the postings on Facebook are anticipatory. I usually respond silently, but emotionally, to these postings. They made me think about all the things in life we anticipate…how we look at our lives, and how often our glass is half empty or half full. Just look at some of the expressions we use:

Doom and gloom, a pain in the neck, it’s not a pretty picture, it makes me sick, we’re going to fight this, look what the world is coming to, what are they going to do about this…

These are just a few examples. I bet you can come up with many more! Of course, I will allow others their feelings and continue to enjoy Facebook for the varied tapestry of expression it lends. It is not for me to interfere with the free will of others; however, it is my wish that as you read this, you will begin to see how simple words can shape our future, and how negativity and conflict bring more of the same.

The acceptance of these differences in others—finding them interesting rather than conflicting—and the awareness of our sameness are the keys to healing our world. I am grateful to see so many now leading the way with peace and understanding instead of division. It would be wise to practice what children insitinctively know: anticipate joy and live in wonder!

Our thoughts are valuable, and contain divine vibration.

What is it you anticipate?
My happy feeling means I am in a place of acceptance for the work I am doing, in the way it makes me feel and in the hope I can offer to others. Remember the second and third chakra and what they mean? I must be receiving some validation that I am on the right track! I am anticipating the continuation of my passion, this work I build day by day, with enthusiasm and living from the heart. I know that if I anticipate the worst I won’t feel very good, it won’t serve me and it will not help the situation. It doesn’t feel good in print, to my ears, or out of my mouth.

Watch how and what you put out in thought and vibration every day, from your work and home, both in the present and directed at the future. Are you mostly lackluster, or full of hope? There’s a clever television commercial about an optimistic sunshine teaching the tired moon and gray planets how to eat a good breakfast so they can bring a little joy, color and movement into their day.

Metaphorically, it speaks volumes doesn’t it? Practice hope. Nourish your physical and emotional self with loving, positive feelings. Our thoughts are valuable, and contain divine vibration. Use them wisely and remember we are energy beings first. Remember, in this time of immense change there are great opportunities! Anticipate fantastic beginnings!

There are numerous books on the chakras. I encourage you to get to know yourself better by learning about your “energy self.”