My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Be For, Not Against

Let’s look at our upcoming election. Not in a factual way, but with new eyes: our soul eyes. They are located in two places: our divinely spiritual third eye, centered on the forehead just above our eyes, and in our heart — the largest energetic center we have!

In my heart, I feel that we all don’t need to come together factually, we need to come together vibrationally. For the good of one and all, we must journey beyond excessive thinking and move into our heart.

Oh, you say, isn’t my brain in my head and that’s where my decisions come from? Yes, it can be difficult to leave the logical world and enter the space of feeling and emotion. But when we live too much in our head, we bypass our true nature and our authentic selves. We obsess about the facts and our choices.

Often, going against the common view just to be “right”—or following the logic of others to fight against the opposition–is all we seem capable of doing.

Heartfully spread the feelings of Hope, Peace, Acceptance and Harmony. Change is imminent.

During this campaign season, have you noticed the words “fight against” over and over? I understand how ingrained this phrase is in our world. Both candidates are using it. But whatever the issues may be, we will keep turning our wheels until we stop saying “fight against” and start using the term “heal.”

Settling into our healing heart is not extraordinary. Your heart is where the common good of all patiently resides. Our soul self is always waiting quietly for us to turn our attention inward.

When the time comes, vote with your whole being—your thoughts, feelings, and emotions–and let your vote come from your heart in its purest form. Give yourself some breathing space…and let’s give all the candidates breathing space, too. Be “for” rather than “against.” Heartfully spread the feelings of Hope, Peace, Acceptance and Harmony. Let’s start right now, exercising our healing selves, and we will make guided, limitless choices.

Change is imminent. It’s going to happen because it’s time for it to happen. Use the best part of yourself to make your decisions—not only for this election, but in every aspect of your life.