My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Where is my life headed?

“How will my life change after my experiences this year?”

Topics:  Relationship — Italy — Senior in College.

You’re starting to question many of your choices, such as the choice of your major. You wonder if you are headed in the right direction. But never fear—it’s been a tremendous growth period and you will ultimately wear many hats. Your pick of a major is okay. You will use what you learned to reap additional rewards in other areas.

You’re always going to see change taking place, and many times you will be a catalyst for these changes. I know this because you gave me your birth date, and like me, you have a “5” life path. In Numerology, 5 is a number ofchange.

While some see you as a bit scattered, in truth you take everything in with a sharp eye and stockpile information. You did this in your studies abroad. You had a tendency to separate yourself from others even as you were in the thick of them! Sort oflike being there without being there.

Your boyfriend is something of a mentor, but at the same time you are mentoring him.  It’s an interesting time for the two of you because you both need to feel supported.

Come into your heart now, and don’t worry too much. You’ll find that you want to help the world, so you may consider joining a not-for-profit type company. Your brother may be instrumental in this.

I also see you with more advanced schooling. This could be so many things, so keep an open mind. Learning comes in so many ways. You enjoy your travels, but you are a homebody at heart. Your life won’t just change after this year, your change is ongoing!

One of your best traits is your optimism. It is your steady support.

– Becky