My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Gumby Transitions

I’m writing from a vantage point far from my usual position of repose. It’s a time of reflection, and yet a bit of silent screaming is finding a way into the crevices of a glued-together outer shell. Ouch, that doesn’t feel very good.

Transitions can stretch us until we feel almost broken as we pretend to shake our leg free from the grip of something we can’t quite put words around. But even when facing the pain of a situation, a jovial thought can sneak in that shows us our ability to handle anything.

My thought at the time of this writing just happened to be Gumby in all his green, rubbery glory. Gumby has one leg pinched and stretched too far to be comfortable. Not good. But then a slow smile crept onto my face as I remembered that I can bend him, pull him into shape and smooth out his distress.

Honestly, I can’t think of one person I know who isn’t in some kind of transition. Thoughts, concerns and questions seem to keep coming from everyone I see in my work and my day, and I’m joyously okay with this. It means I am not alone with this inner travel. Our uncomfortable experiences are showing us who we really are–and where we might go next. Where will we stretch our Gumby-like selves this year?

When we have a lot going on emotionally, we must remember our ability to pull ourselves back into shape. We are shape shifters!

Gumby has one leg pinched and stretched too far to be comfortable. Not good.

Acknowledge the issue.  It’s there, so say, “hello, what are you doing here?” Begin looking for a solution. All the while, breath and let go of the grip of fear that can stretch us to such uncomfortable extremes. Acknowledgment means honoring where we are in the moment, not pushing something away to the hidden parts of ourselves just to see it explode painfully later in life. In other words, take a good look to see if it really is a dark, hairy monster, or just the shadow of one.

Bend a little.  You don’t have to do it all at once. Ease into a new way of being. It really is going to mean quieting the noise so that the solution seems genuine and inevitable.

Honor your human self.  There is always someone who will say you are doing it wrong or going at it the wrong way. Just remember they have their stuff, too. It’s only a control issue. Brush it off. Tell them you are already quite good at beating yourself up, no need for more. Honor the chapters you’ve lived thus far as the greatest tools to your success.

Focus on recognizing the glow of divine light in your heart.  Honor hope at all times. And yes, it means turning away from hopelessness and putting yourself on the moving sidewalk to a better-feeling place in the moment. Practice shifting daily or hourly, or minute-by-minute if necessary.

Take a good look to see if it really is a dark, hairy monster or just the shadow of one.

Transitions come in all shapes! Acknowledge yours, bend a little, honor yourself and focus on the glow. Turn up that dimmer switch of brilliance. Shine your light.

I honor wherever you are on your journey. I’ve seen it a thousand times and hey, you might be amazed to know the roads I’ve traveled! Some of the most inspirational people out there today have quite a story to tell about their own lives. You might be uniquely you, but your story is one that’s been told countless times and others are moving through the tough doorways with you.

There, I feel better already. Just writing this changed my focus. Of course I added some yoga rolling, stretching, and herbal tea into the lineup. And remember, Gumby made a surprise appearance–which means I laughed–and laughter is the best mood booster in the world!