My Soul Teacher ☙ Rebecca Smith

Embracing Change

When we notice change and think about it or agonize over it as the case may be, we realize we are continually evolving, changing, becoming.

If we don’t embrace change, then what are our options? It seems much better to feel good, even if it requires a bit of “reorganizing”. I try always to focus on the present moment, because the present is the only time that offers us choices.

The past is over and the future, like a dream, seems to be “out there somewhere”. When the future finally arrives, it’s always in the present moment! It is much more invigorating and productive to view each moment as an opportunity to be at our best.

Personally, I allow what I call the “buffer zone”, a short time to reflect on the old story that is about to change. We all experience bumps in the road. What we require is a little time to access these issues that are turning our life inside out.

I always discover that my joy is right here with me.

In our efforts to manifest a better future, we often re-live the harsh realities of our past. But we can also review our past for the issues that brought us to this time of change — and the message or gift that will help us transcend it.

The easiest way to usher in change is to let go of old attachments and shift to a better feeling. Just as we gather up and give away our old clothing and other clutter from our homes, we can “give away” our worries to the Universe and embrace our present life.

When facing life changes, I allow myself to heal in an embryonic cocoon for a short period of time. My cocoon is a quiet, loving space. It calls back the nurturing I received when I was a young child, or even the time before I arrived in this physical state when I was in the loving arms of Spirit. Our cells hold within them the memory of our past. While we can’t change our history, we can rearrange it — just like we reconfigure our living space when it no longer suits us.

Even while bathed in my healing cocoon, I know that each and every moment offers choices. I may choose to weep for a small amount of time, and then to laugh. I may choose to dance, to unleash my sadness, and let my inner child play. When I do this, I feel an instant shift to something better.

I try to notice everything. When something doesn’t feel right, I choose to see it for what it is and call it out rather than turn away. I acknowledge its existence, and heal myself by letting it go. I reach for something else that feels good.

Easier said than done? Almost never. But Joy doesn’t come from a book- or even from the ones I love — and it doesn’t live in my past or future. Joy is right now, beginning with the love of self. Our past contains the spiritual building blocks of a better, more joyous future.